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Henry David Thoreau

Monday, 7 May 2007


I have joined another Inchie swap and have made a lot more on the little blighters over the weekend. There's no doubt that they are addictive. I am planning to make a large montage when I get all the pieces back from the swaps I am in, I have made lots for myself as well and will make up to the size I need by making more. I remember when I first saw them on Chrysti's site, I couldn't believe that people were making 100 of them at a time. But now that I have made some, I can see that it's not that hard. These are the 20 that I am swapping in a group called ANZ_ART. Some of them are quite similar to the ones I have done before because I had printed out the tiny images for the collages, also these are for a different group of girls.


Bethel of Bethania said...

Well Rob I can see these Inchies are very addictive ... they look so good - when you do them in a swap - you don't have to do them all the same like other swaps? just wondering.... me tĂ­nks this blogging is addictive too ... B

CreativSpirit said...

Hi Bethel,

I have done a swap with CCI swap group and they had to be all the same. But with ANZART, ther are a lot less people and less Inchies, so better that they all be different, then we can have two or three of each others to make a good swap. LOL, you're right, blogging is a bit addictive too.



Judi W. said...

These are fabulous! It just really does seem like sooooo much work though, LOL.