The true harvest of life is is in the tints of the morning and is in the stardust caught...a segment of the rainbow.
Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Recently my friend Raewyn in New Zealand had her 50th Birthday, so myself and 3 friends got together and made a collaborative present for her. She really loves Masks, so we each decorated a mask, mounted it on a 10" x 8" canvas, then they were all put together to make one piece of art. She got such a surprise when the parcel was delivered at her 50th Party. The only problem that we had was that we couldn't use any feathers, which always seem to be the perfect decoration on masks, because feathers would have contravened the import laws in New Zealand.

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Mary-Beth said...

Lovely, what a lucky lady. I should have told you when mine was!!! LOL