The true harvest of life is is in the tints of the morning and is in the stardust caught...a segment of the rainbow.
Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, 24 February 2008


Unfortunately due to eye surgery that was unsuccessful and two subsequent operations in the last two weeks, I am unable to create any art or use my computer "FOR NOW". But, with the grace of God and a wonderful eye surgeon.......I will return as soon as I am able. I would like to close this post with a favourite quote which feels most appropriate at the moment. See you soon!

"Creativity is a celebration of one's grandeur, one's sense of making anything possible. Creativity is a celebration of life - my celebration of life. It is a bold statement: I am here! I love life! I love me! I can do anything!"

Joseph Zinker, therapist, painter, sculptor, poet...

For and on behalf of Rob - Len...


Bethel of Bethania said...

Rob you hurry up and get well as we will miss you and all your beautiful art ... take care & take it easy ... luv ... B

Anonymous said...

hope you get soon better Rob !!

Artseyanne said...

Hang in there darling Rob, you WILL get there.


Sherry Goodloe said...

I will say a prayer for you tonight. xoxoxo Sherry

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I love my beautiful bracelet! Thank you for all the effort it took to get it here.
You have such a creative sight~ I pray for only good things.

Anonymous said...

oh Rob, i haven't visited you for a while and now i come i read you're not well. Wish you a speedy recovery and hope you get back to normality soon for you,
All the best,
Brigitte from the Blue mountains :)
ps: i have changed my blog address...also.. can u believe that the altered book done at Joy Bathie some...2 years ago ?? i only continue it this week !! proud of myself for this !! Hope to see some of your amaaazing work soon too,

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I am making the rounds visiting with my OWOH blogging buddies. I just read about your eye surgery.
Here's a bundle of good wishes that you are doing much better since your last post.

Anonymous said...

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Staci Rose said...

Monet painted when he was half-blind...some people believe it was the reason for his Impressionist style. I believe that you can't stop the creative soul from expressing it's deepest passions...

I definitely understand where you're coming from and have been experiencing health issues that have severely limited my ability to create. Take care of yourself, keep your sanity in the meanwhile, and soak in all the love from friends and family that you can! :)

Wishing you only the best!