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Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Examples of the type of beanies which are entered in the festival. Check out this link for more pictures.

Alice Springs Beanie Festival has a travelling exhibit which will be coming to the beautiful Taree Art Gallery in April. As part of the exhibition, the Taree Craft Cottage is organising for local crocheters, knitters or felters (and their friends) to make an arty beanie, some of which will be selected to also be exhibited. So please read the brochure for details if you are in the area and would like to take part.
We will be holding a special day at the Craft Cottage on St Patricks Day, 17th March, where you can be inspired, helped with design and embellishing your beanie, or just a general get-together of interested people who are taking part, it should be a fun day so come and join us.


Art From The heart said...

Wish I could join you, sounds like great fun.

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