The true harvest of life is is in the tints of the morning and is in the stardust caught...a segment of the rainbow.
Henry David Thoreau

Monday, 6 June 2011


This is a textural canvas I made last week at a class at the LSS, Scrapawhile.
Great class thanks Amanda, I love the theme.


Lynne Moncrieff said...

The texture looks amazing. I'd love to rub my fingers over that background to feel the texture - we need feely vision LOL.

Beth Norman said...

Delightful. You have a way with the canvas. I know you said you attended a class at your LSS, but I know the style and design is really yours. I'll soon be attending an altered art canvas at my LSS.

hapi said...

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Lynn Stevens said...

Must have been a fun class! What a beautiful angel!!
Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck

young-eclectic-encounters said...

So glad to have found your blog. You do such beautiful work. (I looked through some of your past posts) I too tend to do lots of different kinds of artwork and I enjoy seeing what others create and I enjoyed looking through yours.
Johnina :^A

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

What a lovely, angelic image!

Witchcrafted Life said...

This is deeply beautiful. I can't help but think that my mother would probably like a similar project created with the face of one her kids. I will definitely have to tuck this away in the inspiration file for a future Mother's Day.

Thank you very much for your lovely comment today over at Chronically Vintage, I'm delighted to know you enjoyed the video of Paris in the 1920s.

Wishing you a gorgeous weekend!