The true harvest of life is is in the tints of the morning and is in the stardust caught...a segment of the rainbow.
Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Just a few pics of my art doll which I previously posted. I decided that she needed a little "adjusting" and thought that I had better take some pics. At the Luncheon in Sydney last week, Anne proposed a "one for one" art doll swap and my doll along with Anne's and Linda's was one of the links for ideas etc, so thought I had better put the pictures up. Have fun with it girls, even if it's a little out of your comfort zone. :)


Tess said...

Oh wow, She is lovely...I love her colors and that face is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

she is so pretty i love the colors.i want to try one of these fabulous.

Annie said...

Hi Rob,
She is just beautiful, I adore the colours.